Wallpaper Slideshow Pro

Wallpaper Slideshow Pro is a great utility for displaying your favorite photos as desktop background wallpaper. Wallpaper Slideshow offers you complete control of your wallpaper collection. It has lots of options that allow you to customize the way wallpapers are created and displayed, for example for each image you can decide whether it must be automatically resized to fit the screen, centered, tiled or spanned across your multiple monitors.

The program ha a wide range of settings and tweaks to customize every aspect of the program. The options are neatly organized in categories and they are not hard to use. It offers smooth wallpaper change and scrapbook mode.

This software has been particularly optimized to handle large image libraries, it is suited for photographers and all those who likes to see his pictures on the desktop

Photo Clock Screen Saver Wallpapers

Style-7's Photo Clock-7 is a free analog clock screensaver for Windows that lets you use your own images as a clock face background. It has the usual analog clock options, such as removing the second hand, and editing things like font color, but the ability to use your own picture for the background makes it a more interesting choice, in our opinion


Beautiful Natural Wallpaper  Full HD


Ramadan Wallpapers

Ramadan is a month of blessings and prayers. In this month, Muslims from all around the world fast in the daytime. All kinds of food and drinks are forbidden in the month of Ramadan.


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