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This action-heavy combat game about World War II doesn't require any knowledge of flight or tactics.

While its title suggests that Attack on Pearl Harbor centers upon only those pivotal events in December of 1941, when the Japanese launched their infamous surprise attack on the United States, this upcoming action game actually covers the entire breadth of the Pacific War, all the way to 1945. And while Attack on Pearl Harbor may, upon first glance, look like a complex flight simulation, it's actually an action arcade game that anyone can pick up and play. We recently dived into the opening missions of Attack on Pearl Harbor for some hands-on impressions.

In addition to multiplayer support for 12, Attack on Pearl Harbor features four campaigns: two from the perspective of a US pilot and two from a Japanese pilot. There are about 50 missions throughout those campaigns, and what's interesting is instead of a straightforward and linear campaign structure, the campaigns have a branching structure that offers you different choices. For instance, after the attack on Pearl Harbor, you can, as a Japanese pilot, choose to move on to Wake Island or help with an attack on Darwin, Australia. This ensures that there are numerous different ways to play through each campaign. In most missions, you can also choose which aircraft to fly. There are eight flyable craft in the game, divided into fighters, dive bombers, and torpedo planes. These include the American Corsair and Dauntless, and the Japanese Zero and Val. Your performance in missions will unlock replacement craft, so if you're shot down and lose a Corsair, you might not have another one for the following mission, depending on how well you've been flying.




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