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DAZ 3D Studio Advanced

DAZ 3D Studio Advanced Bundle is the name by which users will be able to design three-dimensional images of beauty. This software helps the images to be professionally created. Use various tools available in the program for multiple users the ability to create any kind gives a three-dimensional image. ویژگی هایی همچون قابلیت استفاده از چندین Object در تصاویر ، استفاده از افکت ها و Animation های مختلف بر روی تصاویر در حال طراحی ، قابلیت استفاده از تصاویر دیگر در درون تصاویر سه بعدی ، قابلیت قرار دادن فایل های مختلف چند رسانه ای در تصاویر طراحی شده , a professional tool designed for bug tracking, high strength and powerful tool for storing images in various ways in different shapes and output Chnydn is only part of the features of this software. This powerful software product of DAZ Productions is one of the leading companies in the field of graphic design tools are.

Some of the features of this software include:

- Access to tools with the ability to customize the tools

- Drag & Drop support 
- Ability to preview the design before final storage and Troubleshooting

- Ability to preview hardware OpenGL

- A professional modeling tool

- Has a powerful engine to render images with high power

- Supports image formats JPG, DSI, PNG, TIFF, BMP for use in projects

- Output AVI format 
- Full support for multi-core CPU is fully optimized for CPU power

 And ...


Pack Best calling card of the World 2011 Amazing Business Cards of the World

V Pack includes 42 business cards 2011 of the best cards in the world and the most famouscompanies that can inspire you to design cards business is. these cards in two sizes 800 × 500 ~ 1200 × the 2 thousandth pix are. than Download backstroke download by visiting the following ...

New Collection of Business Cards - New Collection of Business Cards

This set of controls are the third set of business cards Business wonderfully diverse formats jpg, psd is.Designers and Grafys cards can be tasteful and creative If this pack of new products and services in institutions and commercial use.

Download beautiful collection of different icons - Moonlight Icons

This set contains 40 high quality icons with a variety of formats, ICO, Png are. Web designers can use different icons to use in your

 design. Download now from Coral can get these icons.


Easy 3D Album software Photo! 3D Album -2010

gives you the option to choose a template, drag and drop (Drag & Drop) your photos and creating an output file, an album of beautiful 3D. In fact, the software displays your photos in a virtual showroom.One of the most attractive feature of this software is that the user can use the keyboard to walk and watch the photos in the exhibition Mkanma be busy. Ability to create ScreenSaver with your photos as possible. towards download and read software features, refer to the following article ...

Features Software Photo! 3D Album 1.0 :
- 100% Free of 
- the ability to drag and drop (Drag & Drop) and easily use 
- create a gallery of 3D High Quality 
- Make ScreenSaver from gallery created 
- Take advantage of the many templates for your gallery the additive 
- flexible photo frame 
- add explanation for each image and display it at runtime 
- create output files: single file exe, web gallery, flash Frvmt ScreenSaver files 


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